Grocery Store Onboarding

Problem: A local market recently franchised and expanded from 2 stores to 6 in the Tri-State Area. The client wanted to ensure that the caring culture and exceptional customer service of their flagship store remains consistent in the new locations.

Solution: This training video focuses on the core values of the business and how those values apply to customer service on the store floor. Every current employee and new hire will be assigned this training to complete before their first shift. 

Highlights: Storytelling, customized characters, character actions and expressions, customized setting, camera movement, scene transitions, sound effects

Tools: Vyond

Customer Account Tutorial

Problem: Customers of an online beauty brand are having difficulty navigating the website to make changes to their upcoming orders, leading to unwanted deliveries and subsequently cancelled memberships.

Solution: This video tutorial walks customers through the process of changing the products in their upcoming order and moving the date of their shipment. This tutorial will be provided to all new customers via email so as to avoid frustration and confusion over future orders.

Highlights:  Screencast, animations (zooming/panning), annotations (spotlights, highlights, callouts)

Tools: Camtasia, Canva


Delivering Dynamic Presentations

This is a supplemental job aid for an eLearning course, designed using Canva to be a quick-reference for anyone creating planning a presentation.

Structure of a Presentation_Job Aid.pdf