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Delivering Dynamic Presentations

Problem: Company X has been reporting low employee morale now for over a year and project completion is down 20%. Employee feedback surveys have found that one cause could be poor communication from project managers, relying too heavily on email rather than in-person presentations.  

Upper management has decided to implement mandatory project rollout presentations and status updated presentations from all project managers and has identified presentation skills as the main focus for this training. 

Solution: This eLearning course focuses on the foundational skills of presentation delivery, including determining your purpose, engaging your audience and communicating effectively. Honing these skills will make project manager presentations more dynamic and impactful, therefore improving employee morale and project completion rates.

Highlights: Custom icons, drag-and-drop interactions, layers, branching scenarios, knowledge checks, final assessment

Tools: Articulate Storyline, Canva

Haircare Orientation: 

How to Properly Care for Your Crown

Problem: The Northeast Sales Division has noticed an increase in product returns over that last year. Customer service complaints reflected customers not understanding how to use their products and not being satisfied with their results as main factors in their returns. Returns have also negatively impacted sales.

In an effort to ensure all new and current customers are properly oriented and trained to use MONAT’s haircare products, management has decided to provide a new customer orientation. 

Solution: This eLearning course orients new and current customers with the science behind the products and why using them properly will result in the best results. 

Highlights: Embedded video tutorials, labeled graphics, flip cards

Tools: Articulate Rise, Canva

NOTE: I am an independent consultant with MONAT and have permission to use marketing images, product names and logos for my personal business.